Mirillis Action 4.38.1 Crack With Serial Key Free Download 2024

Mirillis Action 4.38.1 Crack + Serial Key Free Download 2024

Mirillis Action Crack is a component-rich, jazzy, easy-to-understand screen recorder and gameplay recording software solution. This allows the streaming and real-time recording of your Windows work area, music recording, and screen capture to catch in splendid HD quality. It has multiple features, including webcams and microphone editorial. It enables direct streaming to popular streaming services such as Twitch or YouTube, direct fare, and transfer of your recorded recordings to YouTube or Facebook with the snap of a catch. It would be best to have this software to form an HD video clip on your laptop. Suppose you even have a game on your computer that you want to record; this application is handy. You get your job done in real-time and high quality, for that matter.

Mirillis Action Crack

Mirillis Action Torrent is a utility tool that makes video streaming and recording via your Windows laptop possible and easy. It allows you to take screenshots, download and record web page videos, gameplay, and your voice. Mirillis Action Free Download It’s HD gameplay that, by way of recording, you have become a picture usually in real-time and of tremendous quality while participating in your game; you can’t reveal gift fps and save your results’ benchmarks. Are you searching for a website that offers free access to this essential tool? You are sure you are in the right place. Here, we take you through everything it takes to get the crack working on your laptop without paying for various activation essential purchases.

Mirillis Action Crack + License Key {Windows}

This latest Mirillis Action Serial Key version brings a new experience to Desktop recording. It doesn’t simply stop at enabling you to record or mirror your actions alone; once you finish your work, it permits you to upload them to some standard social network and recording platforms. Let’s say you see a video on YouTube or Facebook, for instance, and feel like recording it; Mirillis Action For PC will do this for you. Where you need to add a sort of audio comment to a file, Mirillis is there for you. Suppose the output of your video is too heavy in size. In that case, you can help yourself with its Acceleration technology to compress it (without losing its quality) to a smaller size. All that’s required is to urge the setup here and follow the simple steps of cracking it, and you can begin to use it.

Mirillis Action Crack

Key Features:

  • Screen Recording: Mirillis Action allows you to capture your entire desktop screen or specific areas. You can record tutorials, presentations, gameplay, or any other activity on your screen.
  • Gameplay Recording: It is designed for gamers and offers features optimized for game recording. You can capture gameplay in high definition (HD) quality, with smooth frame rates and low system resource usage.
  • Live Streaming: Mirillis Action supports streaming to popular platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. You can easily broadcast your gameplay or any other screen activity to a broad audience in real-time.
  • Time-Shift Recording: This feature allows you to save and rewind your gameplay or recorded content. It allows you to review essential moments, create highlight reels, or correct mistakes during the recording.
  • Chroma Key (Green Screen): With the Chroma Key feature, you can remove the background of your recordings or webcam footage. This allows you to replace the background with images, videos, or graphical overlays, giving your content a professional and polished look.
  • Audio Recording and Mixing: Mirillis Action lets you capture in-game sounds, microphone input, and system audio. Mix multiple audio sources and adjust their volume levels to create a balanced, immersive audio experience.

What’s New?

  • High-quality recording: Mirillis Action offers high-resolution and smooth recording capabilities, supporting up to 8K resolution and 120 frames per second (FPS) capture.
  • Live streaming: Users can stream their gameplay, desktop activities, or other content to popular platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.
  • Time-shift recording: The software allows users to save and rewind their gameplay sessions, enabling them to capture critical moments even after they have occurred.
  • Real-time screen and gameplay recording: Mirillis Action offers real-time recording features that allow users to capture their screen, gameplay, or any other application with minimal system resource usage.
  • Webcam recording: Users can add webcWhat’stage to their screen recordings or gameplay captures, making creating picture-in-picture videos or tutorials easy.

Pros And Cons:


  • User-friendly interface: Mirillis Action has a sleek and intuitive interface, making it easy for beginners and advanced users to navigate and use the software effectively.
  • High-quality video recording: The software offers high-definition (HD) and 4K video recording capabilities, allowing you to capture your screen or gameplay in excellent quality.
  • Smooth and lag-free recording: Mirillis Action utilizes hardware acceleration, which helps minimize the impact on system resources and ensures smooth recording even during resource-intensive tasks like gaming.
  • Live streaming: It offers built-in live streaming functionality, enabling you to stream your gameplay or screen activity directly to popular platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live.
  • Time-shift recording: Mirillis Action allows you to record your gameplay or screen continuously and save the last X minutes of footage when something exciting happens.


  • Limited editing features: Mirillis Action’s editing capabilities are relatively basic compared to dedicated video editing software.
  • Lack of advanced customization options: While Mirillis Action provides a decent range of recording and streaming settings, some users may find it lacking in terms of advanced customization options for video codecs, frame rates, or bitrates.
  • No built-in video converter: Unlike some other screen recording software, Mirillis Action doesn’t have a built-in video converter.
  • Price: Mirillis Action is a premium software whose full version has a price tag.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, or Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) 1.4GHz or equivalent processor (SSE2 required)
  • Memory (Action’sGB RAM
  • Graphics Card: Direct3D 9.0 compatible with Pixel Shader 2.0 support
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Sound Card: DirectX-compatible
  • Storage: 92 MB available hard disk space
  • Other: Administrator rights, internet connection for online services

How To Crack?

  • Download the installer: Look for the “Download” or “Get Action” button on the website and click on it.
  • Choose the installation file: On the download page, you’ll usually have the option to download different versions of Mirillis Action.
  • Start the installation: Once the installer file is downloaded, locate it in your downloads folder or wherever you saved it.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions: The installation wizard will guide you through the installation process.

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